Oct 14-15, 2016 SCSU Huskies @ MSU-Mankato Mavericks

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Thankfully what is going wrong is teachable and correctable but I sure didn't expect the D to be exposed as badly as they did. Doesn't look good for the Gophers if there isn't big improvements before Friday and reading Motzkos comments, they are going to have a tough week in practice.
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SC Times...
Mick Hatten and Shane Frederick break down Game 2 between SCSU and MSU-Mankato in men's hockey

Besides the blocked shots we were on guys in front of our net but not really tying anyone up or putting a body on anybody where as Mankato was hitting guys.
We weren't hitting at all(in front of our net), all weekend, just a lot of reaching stick work(trying to lift sticks or poke the puck and missing). And yes we had some nice hits in the neutral and ozone.

Another thing, we were really too comfortable or too lax in our own zone on breakouts. Guys stopped moving and then the one with the puck had no options and would end up coughing it up. A lot of panic passes right back to Mankato or guys covered because they stopped moving.
I think two or three of those cough ups were on Ryan Poehling's line so it is also some inexperience that can be worked out. Mankato Goals 3 and 4 Both were with Lizotte, Cholowski, Jackson, Newell and R Poehling so not sure what was going on.(Looking back at the highlights both were turnovers by Lizotte)

Mankato looks like a pretty good team. Lewis, Foguth, Vanko and especially Brickley on the backend, Franklin (big impact everywhere), Tuomie, Huntebrinker, Knutson, McClure, Michaelis on the frontend. A lot more experience and they could intermix their new guys with solid experienced guys across all lines. Huggins in goal. Like they said, it isn't going to get any easier next weekend.

I also noticed both teams played their top lines quite a bit more later in last night's game. Seemed like Eyssimont and CJ Franklin were out there every other shift.
Our team speed with Peterson, Newell, Jackson and Papa looks very promising though. Cholowski, Schuldt, Borgen, Ahcan were starting to find their groove after some early mistakes. I thought Widman and Storm had very good games- really turned it around from the night before.

Does anyone know why they reviewed the Mankato goal - 2nd goal of the game? Was it off a skate or kicked/ redirected in? I think it's the first highlight, might have been off Borgen's skate. Maybe they thought it was off Coatta's skates.

They didn't show it but the last goal was a classic slow low rebound shot for the far wing (shot low for the pads hoping for a rebound).
For the life of me I don't know why Smith would deflect that one out front instead of up over or in the corner. Plus it would have been far easier than the sweep kick that he did.
They didn't show the highlight at first but they show it at the very end of the highlight video. Slow shot by Knutson.
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From the radio play by play it sounded like the hand "pass" was basically the #1 assist. I didn't think that sort of thing was review able but it sounds like it was the right call. I would like to know if there's a time limit on the offsides thing because if not the rule is flawed as a team is not eligible to score a goal but if they don't they will lose all the time and if they do all they get is the time back (think power play and late game situations).
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Yes, they reviewed it for the offsides but when they did that then it was clear that in the replay that our player hit it with the glove when in real time from our angle it looked like it went off a Mankato player instead. It was the right call but you are right, if they disallow the goal they should reset the time back to when the hand pass occurred. Probably something they didn't think of in the moment- would have taken even more time to figure out.

I just looked at it. Wahlin kept it in with his glove at 10:03. Eyssimont retrieves it off the blue line ( the part they reviewed it for) and is poked checked off the puck on the right point. Wahlin following the puck retrieves it on the right point and fires a pass over to the left point where Schuldt is coming in. Schuldt fires a slapper and scores at 9:58. So it was a total of 5 sec or 6 sec max because the scorekeeper doesn't stop the clock till 9:57.

Looking at that J. Poehling, Papa and Winiecki were stoned on a point blank chance by Huggins at 10:35.

At 12:04 Cholowski was down low on the right circle and beat the Mankato fwd on a clear path to the net and Mankato #16 Jordan Nelson clearly sticks his skate out and trips him with no call.

At the game I thought he got hip checked because of the way he went down.

Tedesco Storm and Benson should get the grinder award because their cycling down low was dominant. Impressed with Wahlin and Peterson's effort all night.
Eyssimont and Wahlin just missed clicking on a nice give and go at 5:43. We definitely had our chances.
Nice job by Smith shutting down the breakaway by Rivera at 2:23. Lizotte with the turnover, probably wants to forget this game.
Several NHL scouts in the house last night. Probably checking out Brickley.
Looking forward to next weekend.
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Tedesco, Newell, Jackson, Eyssimont, Ahcan etc. etc. showing a lot of skill and great hands.
I think we will be ok.
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Listened to this series in the radio. Not impressed. Weak on play by play. Numerous times he was talking about stuff while the game was going on. Seemed like he was doing the game on tv. Someone should tell him it's on radio.
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I was also not too pleased with letting Dave Reichel loose again (I assume that was him on color). He loves to make background noises in reactions to plays and cuts off the play by play. I was very happy with the job done last year.
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