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by Ironikman
08 Mar 2021, 13:33
Forum: Women's Hockey
Topic: Anti pollution mask
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Anti pollution mask

Athletes make intense efforts while practicing sports activities. In fact, the beat intends, so that the heart needs more oxygen. By wearing a simple mask you can stifle during the sport. Anti-pollution masks are specially developed for athletes. They allow them to breathe clean air while running an...
by Ironikman
27 Feb 2021, 03:28
Forum: Men's Hockey
Topic: My introduction
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My introduction

Hello to all, I didn't find a presentation section so I do it here . My name is Ironikman (Finn for real), I'm from Toronto. I follow field hockey, especially ice hockey since I can walk. This passion is still present even if I currently live in France, which is not a field hockey country. I am a wo...