2019-20 Brett Larson Show

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Thanks for the link!
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Couldn't find a link to Monday's show.
Coach Larson was on with player guests Easton Brodzinski and David Hrenak.
Talked about the Denver series. The only focus is on Duluth on Friday.
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Technical difficulties again last night.
The show didn't start because someone didn't show up at the station on time.
The rumor was overheard when it went on around 6:15pm and they didn't realize they were live for about 5 minutes. Jim Erickson and Coach Larson were talking about the MN Boys hockey state tournament.
Erickson mentioned his dig at North Dakota and the size of their penalty boxes at the Ralph. They also mentioned the shot disparity between Hermantown and Mahtomedi - 42-12.

Coach Brett Larson started out the show by mentioning the great job Jim Erickson did at the state tournament. Talked about the Duluth series, Coach thought they had a chance to pull the Friday game out if not for a few momentum swings. Saturday he thought they reverted back to a lot of old bad habits, especially in their own zone, breakouts.
Coach Larson got off the bus from Duluth and said to the Herb Brooks statue, "now I know how you felt a week before the Olympics". The asst coaches thought he should mention that in his Monday morning talk.

Coach mentioned it to the team on Monday am that team USA lost to Russia right before the 1980 Olympics big (10-3) and now they have a clean slate.
They know it's going to be tough but the team is excited to play Western Michigan.

Player guests were Tyler Anderson and Jake Wahlin.

Jim Erickson hopes to get Clark Kuster on before the end of the season - all the seniors, hopefully next week. Jim said Clark has a class on Monday evenings.

Jim Erickson mentioned the show was extending beyond 7pm due to the late start (around 6:20pm) but music started playing at 7pm. A few minutes later they were back live and they concluded the show.

First game will be at 6:05 pm central time Friday and the pregame radio show will start a 1/2 hour before that.
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