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2019-20 Brett Larson Show

2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Discuss the future NCAA Men's Ice Hockey Champions here!

2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 14 Oct 2019, 06:42

Forgot about this last week...
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Re: 2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 15 Oct 2019, 07:12

Last night's show...
Coach Larson was out recruiting.
Asst Coach Mike Gibbons arrived a little late, talked about Bemidji, being a BSU alumn, the BSU series, where the team is at and the bye week.

He also talked about Jack Ahcan's making fun of his fishing prowess- not taking the fish off the line.
Coach Gibbons also took credit for naming the "Intensity line" -Poehlings with Fitzy centering.

Nick Perbix and Kevin Fitzgerald were the player guests and they talked about their summer and the team this year.

(Nick a lot of golfing in Elk River, the Da Beauty League and the Tampa Bay dev camp -one week late June)
(Kevin working - production and his trip (with his GF from South Dakota) to Florida)

No coaches show next week because of the bye. Next show the Monday following the Northeastern series at home.
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Re: 2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 29 Oct 2019, 05:48

SCSU Men's Hockey
16h16 hours ago
Stop by the @GreenMill in downtown St. Cloud tonight (Oct. 28) for the weekly @SCSUHUSKIES_MH Brett Larson Show from 6-7 pm.
Listen on The River 96.7 FM or https://river967.com

Brett Larson- 1st home game for the guys from jrs and older players were in bigger roles. Larson- My first home game I felt like I was in a blender. We were tentative we were watching , they had a few more games under their belt. Proud of the guys Saturday. Saw flashes , even as good as they were there were stretches where we were not so good but we still have a lot of work to do. Erickson- It's hard to keep that up the whole game. Larson- We played our best 15 min, then the mental mistake- too many men penalty- and then it took us 7 minutes to get going again. In that 7 min span we gave up a bunch of grade-A chances. I like Fitzy's line all the time, Sam's line been mixing in different guys. Playing Brodzy with Brand, some chemistry in practice. Really like Hammer's game, like his details and he's pushing guys for playing time. Really liked Jake Wahlin's play, not going to sit him after how he played Friday. Lot's of competition for those spots. Erickson- How did we get Chase Brand here? Gibby and I recruited him. Erickson- Did you text him good luck with that choice-going to Miami? Coach-Usually I say "I'll pull for you unless you play against us". Erickson- Taking a time out. Player guests Lakeville connection Nick Poehling and Henry Enebak.
Be back in a minute.
----------------Commercial Break--------------------------------------
Kwik Trip --
General rule of thumb, no show after an off weekend. Coach Larson is here. Share a funny story about Marcia, and the real ID thing, trophy unveiling, she (Marcia) shared that Brooks shared his salary with the asst coaches. Larson looked at Gibby and said that ain't happening.
Erickson- Graduate players can be a good pickup. Larson- Yes, They have a Family advisor , yes, you can't contact them. NCAA has a portal and then if they are on there we can contact them, always watching for the players on the portal.
Erickson - Sam when the net was jarred loose and David, Larson- yes that was a great first shot for David, it was a breakaway (sarcasm).
He's taking it to whole new level. He needs to get through those moments.
Erickson -Northeastern's coach was livid. Larson- But I saw the defenseman it go off his stick and it was a great heads up play by Sam. We have challenged those centers and Sam has really taken upon himself to fill that role. We created a lot of chances but didn't bury it. Need to be better in zone entries. Need better PP. Spence Meier looks really good over there in the PP.
----------------Commercial Break-------------------------------------
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Intro- Friday night broadcast Goal call by Erickson - Kranilla to Hentges
Season 2 Episode 3

Princeton scrimmages Yale, Larson- I guess they study out there. Erickson- 2 ties last year. They are going to be tough. Nice to focus on us. Like about it, we need to be clean on breakouts, good on fore-check, Ozone identity, beating guys back to the net, good on the back check. Be as good as we can be, back to our identity. Erickson - Ensure it? Larson -I need to ensure it? All we can do is practice the right way, prepare the right way. We can't be thinking we just have to go do it.
Erickson- Lot of juggling the lines. Larson -Looking for the right combinations. Last year guys fit and knew their roles. This year there is competition. I like that but there will some changes early. But once they are there I like to keep them there. Patience with a young team, they need to make mistakes and trust in them so you know they'll be there when you need them at the end.

----------------Commercial Break---------------------------------------
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Intro- Radio broadcast Erickson call Sam Hentges to Jack Poehling - Saturday night

Nick Poehling and Henry Enebak, Nick and Jack who's funnier, depends on the mood. Jack - dark humor.
Erickson -to Henry - Reminisce about the State Tournament? Henry -First year lopsided loss to Edina. Really focused the next year "unfinished business" Nick - was trying to keep Ryno and Henry focused.
Nick - Obviously Friday wasn't good, didn't execute. Really bounced back Saturday. Erickson -What was mood after the game Friday, angry, disappointed? Nick- I think we were more disappointed. Larson said No one feels bad for you so no reason to mope. It's hard to correct it when you get off to a bad start. Need to come to play.
Erickson -That move broke the guys ankles? Nick- We've been working on that, going hard and cutting to the middle. Erickson-How has Henry been? Henry - The Guys are great, been a lot of fun. Been a while since I have gone to school though. Studying Business Mgt. My grandfather runs a construction company. Definitely something I would like to get into.
My biggest focus is making everyone better, doing my best, putting my nose to the grindstone.
Nick- There are a lot of great freshmen. Coach great job in guys fitting in. Have to mesh, yeah for sure, a key , jrs and on a difference is who is on team and who is playing for each other makes the difference.
Erickson- Your Monday night hockey fix.
------------------Commercial Break-------------------------
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Intro- Radio broadcast Erickson -Brodzinski to Brand to Hentges goal.

Sam is really something to watch. Really wondering how he got so fast with the injury. This is a new level. He was great last year but he's really fun to watch this year. Henry what was jrs like? Henry- It was fun, mannerisms living in Canada, toboggan, stocking hats. Erickson -What was it like for hockey? Carleton is like a suburb of Ottawa kind of like home -Lakeville. Erickson-Mom in the track record book. Henry-I guess it kind of factored in there. My dad was a gopher. I remember the St. Cloud / Gopher games. Mom St. Cloud and Dad gopher. Nick (Gophers) They are always someone we want to play- fun.
--------------------Commercial Break----------------------------
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St. Cloud vs Princeton U Tigers, 7:37 Friday, 6:07 Saturday
Dave Reichel and I will be broadcasting. Welcome Freshman Henry Enebak and Sr. Nick Poehling.
Erickson-How's Ryan doing? Concussion, Laval Rocket. Nick -Doing good. We were there for his first game. We found out Friday night 3am and skipped dad's party and went to Montreal. Hat trick and SO game winner. We told him we could have used those goals a couple weeks early. Erickson- Brothers can do that. Nick- He didn't even look at his phone it was so many (texts). Couldn't leave the motel, security- had to go out the back- mobbed, Ryan couldn't believe what happened. Nick -Kind of reminded me - like the European soccer teams, crazy stuff, the fans out there (Montreal).
Nick-I am sure Princeton will be good, all college teams are good. I thought for our team the bye was good for us. Henry -Golfing at Legends club. Erickson-Interests? Enough about Nick we need to know about Henry. Henry- Hunting and fishing, gym or on the ice. Erickson-Lund boat? Henry- Yes. Erickson- Where do you fish? Henry- Poehling's cabin, more a water sport lake. Looking forward to more Henry and thank you Nick. Both players- Thank you.

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Re: 2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 04 Nov 2019, 22:23

Last week's show...

I only caught part of tonight's show...
Nick Oliver was in for Brett Larson. Talked about the Princeton series and the upcoming road series in the UP (Marquette) against Northern Michigan.
Zach Okabe and Nolan Walker were the player guests.
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Re: 2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 11 Nov 2019, 21:55

Brett Larson talked about the Northern Michigan series and the upcoming CC series.
Player guests were Chase Brand and Jack Poehling.
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Re: 2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 12 Nov 2019, 17:38

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Re: 2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 18 Nov 2019, 19:59

Jake Wahlin and Easton Brodzinski are the player guests.
Erickson - not used to losing two at home. Larson- Part of our group, positive, Friday as poor as we played we were 2-2. Reason for the poor play? No, everyone was off, a millions going through your head, we didn't have it. For the most part it wasn't our night it was CC's night. Saturday, starting to get momentum back we get a penalty. Getting life back but then have to kill 7 minutes. But we did so we took a step on the PK. Any team trying to come back penalties, even Jack's wrap around if not a quick whistle might have been a difference. Pretty even, Haloran and Wilkie are really good. Two really good teams going at it. What's your problem, you really have a good team. Should be improvement every week. Should be no motivation going into North Dakota. Jammi Krannila, how is he developing? Look at guys , Jake and Brodzy are making improvements. Krannila, Chase Brand, Zach Okabe are getting better. If you would have said we were this far and Nolan Walker didn't have a goal I would say you were crazy. Nolan is harder on himself than I could be on him.
Our optimism is knowing we can be a lot better and we are a work in progress.
Radio call ---Wrap around and they score, all Jake Wahlin on that! -- Erickson -Will Hammer will dispute that. Rocco was initially awarded the goal. Larson- They are all self less. I don't care it just went in. Erickson-Cross check to Fitzy- Larson- he's ok , he's good. Larson- Pulling goalie, it wasn't on David, not that he wasn't playing bad but I did it to get a momentum thing and it worked for a while. I was excited for the momentum.
Smith goal probably wanted that one back. The 4th goal I don't think there was anything Joey could have done about that, a slap shot going through 6 guys and finding the corner of the net.
I was excited about Adrej Trebal, came right back, looks a little like Nick Perbix. Beautiful goal by Haloran. Chase did some really good things too. Good for the guys to get back at CC.
We will talk about North Dakota after the break.
Radio call- Jammi Krannila, low side, Chase Brand past Vernon for the goal!
So it's North Dakota, 7:37 and 7:07. Playing well against Denver. What about this years ND team?
Top guys went through a maturing year. Kawaguchi, Docker, Adams are all stepping up and scoring.
We love a challenge. We really like that. What a challenge to knock like someone like that off. We want to play our game. Michaud , mom grew up across the street from me. Grad rule, have we had that. What do you think of the rule. I like it. Need the right grad program. We had Kuster and Ilvonen. Basically our roster is set for next year. We have a few signings, that's all I can say now. Ralph Engelstad Arena, jitters, getting sick? , Poehlings said the fireworks made them jump.
What can you say about the player guests?
Larson-We all know Brodzy can score. Not a one dimensional player. Made a real strong commitment to an all around game.Erickson-Made that play to Jammi Krannila. Larson- Jake plays hard every shift on a consistent basis. See you coach in Grand Forks.
Radio call to enter the break- Krannila down low to Brodzinski with a turn around, Goal!

Easton- Good play by Jammi and I just turned around and didn't really see the net but got lucky.
Erickson- Jake you assisted on Will's goal, thought process on the wrap around? Jake- Threw it down low, and fortunately the D man fell down. Call him the big rig. Down 94. I thought it was Hammer but then I thought it was a high stick, if it would have been Rocco it would have been a high stick.
How to feel to be senior. Yeah it flies by, what have you learned in your 4 years. Enjoy every second of it.
Easton - don't know where the first 2 years went. Weren't happy with what happened in N Mich but we still need to figure out a way to patch together a win.
Erickson- Was there any carry over from N Mich to Colorado? Jake -Unfortunately I don't think it carried over to Friday, didn't play very well. I think we can build on how we played Saturday though.
Long feed ahead to Jami Krannila and he scores five hole!

Nice assist Easton, nice to put it on his stick. I hope I don't mess this one up. Easton has more assists than goals. More are hitting the posts and hitting sticks. Good assists but those guys are getting to the right spots. Watch the Bomba squad. First time the North Star line, that thing is going pretty fast, I'm going 72 and the train is going faster. I and few guys haven't been to Target Field. Metrodome but no not Target Field. Some of the foreign guys haven't been to Target Field. Erickson- Did you know , up until Krannila all Minnesota scorers. That's good. Erickson- Easton dad hunting? Easton- Got 10 goose hunting. Erickson- where? Hunting secret, someone yelled out can't tell- like fishing can't give away secret locations. Gibby's lake, the world will never know. I like the outdoors. Like the quiet. Soft music maybe. Are you off the grid? Yeah I never touch that thing out there. I just enjoy the moment enjoy the people. Coming up again, dad's pin pointed a few places even I don't know. Blind? Yeah.
Jake - I am more of a golf guy. Erickson- Do you get tips? Poehling's?,Jake-golf with you but they won't give you tips. But Perbix will- give tips. Poehlings will golf but not give tips.
Appreciate Green Mill and online apps to listen to games. Tune in app.
How's oldest, Jonny- with the Sharks right now, hurt his shoulder, just a little hitch. Michael's with the Orlando Solar Bears. Bryce at the Gophers. Not a good weekend vs Penn State. Bryce is doing good. Having fun, meeting new people, can't wait to see him develop.

Gone home my room is completely gone. New living room. New gun cabinet. Itching to figure something else. Get to do new things just themselves. Mom got to go to Vegas. Got to experience it. Fun.
Jake , do you remember first time in Grand Forks? Overwhelming? Just stay in the moment. It's fun though. One of those places you want to go to.
Easton we try to limit that dance. Where is you favorite? It's a given it's a place you want to play.
What to do to play your best hockey?
We need to stay to our game plan. Play together, once everyone has bought in we'll be a pretty good team. Deer hunting. Dad got one, my cousin got one. Familiar with 30 point buck song- Yes.
Game time again... 7:37 Friday- pregame 7, 7:07 Saturday, pregame at 6:30
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Re: 2019-20 Brett Larson Show

Unread postby hockeypuck » 26 Nov 2019, 17:08

Brett Larson show last night featured player guests Tyler Anderson and Sam Hentges.

Coach Larson discussed the North Dakota series, the upcoming bye week (hockey - what they work on in practice) and the Miami road series coming up. Basically proud of the effort and development but time to string together some W's.

Players discussed their hometowns, Thanksgiving plans and plans for the bye week.

Tyler- Playing at REA, Winnipeg Blue Bombers winning the Grey Cup
Sam - MnWild Scouts, Totino Grace, playing in Brooklyn Park

I emailed Jay Caldwell for links to the last few weeks shows with no response yet.

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