Who's still going to the Tournament this weekend?

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I work 2 blocks NE of the Target Center. I don't eat out a ton but here are a couple of the better options IMO.

If you are looking for some good places to eat early on Friday, I'd recommend Trieste (Greek) and La Loma Tamales. These places will close by 2PM on Friday and not open for the weekend.

As far as bar food goes Gluek's has good burgers and the fish and chips at Kieran's is pretty good.

If you are staying in a hotel nearby and want to order pizza, Red's Savoy is the best. I recommend the sausage/kraut. Black Sheep coal fired pizza is another pretty good option.
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Let's all go to the "little six tnmt. in St Paul and chant "small ten sucks!"
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Tickets for todays games are going for $6, I don't have that kind of money
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Boomer wrote:The Skeeterman's and the Boomers will be there along with four other friends. Our tickets are in Row 1 of section 210--around the blue line. Although we should have our pick of other good seats!

Should be four great games--all the participants will need to either win the tourney to keep playing, or in UND's case, need to win at least one game.
I got seats 3-4 of the same section and row! Nice to know we have some allies around us unlike at the X!
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