Game 3 - Tigers vs. Wolves

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Tigers 5

Wolves 0

I'm not entirely sure on the score, but I think it was something like that. The score doesn't tell how lopsided this game really was. We had the puck in their zone basically the entire game. Even when we took penalties they couldn't get anything going. The refs called pretty much everything. It was a very chippy game. Kudos to Nick on his shutout (even though he only faced 4 shots). :)

On a personal note, I'm slowly learning to accept the fact that no one will pass to me. I don't blame them if we're in transition (because I generally wouldn't know what to do w/ the puck once I had it) but I was standing in front of the net all night long, many times uncovered, and yet my teammates would simply try to deke out the entire other team so they could score themselves. The only shot on goal I managed was the result of a rebound given up by the goalie. I think the only option for me now is to shoot whenever I get the puck, regardless of the zone I'm in.

I also think that our team has zero chance of winning the league. The reason the score was as close as it was was at least partially because nobody passes to attempt to get the goalie moving. Everyone wants to do it all themselves. That might work against sub-par teams with only a handful of reserves, but teams like the Bandits are going to beat us every time if we play like that. I'm just hopeful that we avoid any all-out brawls this season.

Anyway, if the team ends up being constructed similarly to this next session then I will most likely sit it out, or at least sign up as an individual and take my chances. This is easily the least fun I've had playing in this league. I had more fun getting beat 18-1 when we were A4Effort. Again, I don't blame you Nick. This just didn't work out well for me.
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Sorry to hear that, Carl. I hope you can latch on to another team this winter. I completely understand how frustrating it must be. I'd probably be in the same position if I was on that team with those guys. If you can't find another team, you should sign up as an individual skater and/or ask Pilar if she knows of a team that is habitually short on players. The team we played last week (Mud Hens) only had 5 skaters, and another team in our division (Innotech) only had 8 skaters the first week when I watched their game.

I completely agree with you that it's more fun losing 20-0 on a team like A4Effort than it would be skating with a bunch of ringer puck hogs.

Edit: 10:30 games are suck. I'm already dead-tired and I'll be lucky to be in bed before 1 AM tonight. I think 6 of our 10 games this session are at 10:30. I guess I was wrong in thinking that opening 4 more ice sheets at the SuperRink would translate to somewhat earlier icetimes. :-/
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carl, im sorry, i know you keep sayin you dont blame me, but i still feel bad...

yeah our team play is crap, but they keep it out of my zone for the most, so i cant complain to much....carl did you hear the chick on the bench at all? thats herb brooks neice, she coaches for like park cottage or something too...shes a regular at the bar who sponsors us (which by the way i went to the other night and it was pretty cool, they totally cater to their sponsored teams and there was a chick there was in an issue of playboy (she gave me a hug, and said good game, it was the greatest moment of my life so far) but she was all like gettin them in check at the bar tellin them they all suck and werent as good as they thought they were, it was pretty funny

im not sure what im going to do next session though
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