Need a Hockey Scout

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First, do a Google search for 'college hockey recruiting'. I'll wait here.

Done? Okay, did you see a site near the top called That's my site. Great search engine rankings, lackluster job of updating. Anybody want to go to a bunch of HS and junior events and send me reports to put on my blog? I'd prefer to have just one 'head scout', so you'll have to get around. I can't do it myself for two reasons: 1) I don't have the capacity to get out to games, and 2) I don't have an extensive enough hockey background to accurately gauge talent.

You'll pretty much have to help for the fun of it, because the pay will likely be non-existent to nominal, depending on what type of sponsorships I can work out. Maybe it's something you can put on your resume though.

Anybody interested? PM me.
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did not see my name listed, perhaps u need to be more thorough in your research
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