2014 West Regional game vs. Notre Dame

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I am hoping to find a Huskies fan who recorded this game. I was trying to record all of the regional games and due to the North Dakota/Ferris State game going into double OT I got the SCSU/Notre Dame game joined in progress well into the 2nd period. I do know that the beginning of the game was aired on ESPNews, as the commentators mentioned numerous times during the OT portion of the North Dakota/Ferris State game. By any chance did anybody here record that first period and a half or whatever it was that was on ESPNews before ESPNU picked up the rest of the broadcast? If so, please contact me. I have an extensive game archive dating back many years. Most of my college hockey games feature the Sioux and/or Gophers but I do have some Huskies games including the 2001 WCHA Final Five (which if I remember correctly was their 1st time winning that tournament). I will trade any two games from my collection to the first person who is able to offer me a complete copy of the SCSU/Notre Dame game. Please see my trading profile at Goal Line Software.
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I sent you a PM here and on GLS.
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