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Discussion around the Husky women's team.
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I'd be happy with Harrington, Potter, Fetter, or Rud. However, I think Potter would do the best at recruiting and generate the most press. I could imagine a bunch of metro area girls wanting to play for their hero, even if it's at SCSU rather than UMD or UND. I don't that she'd be able to steal many from the Gophers. Obviously, her semi-celebrity status would get a lot of press initially, but would generate even more metro area press if she started landing recruits and winning games. Imagine if, during her tenure, the Huskies were able to beat the Gophers even once!

The downside is, with any success whatsoever, she'd be a huge risk to leave for UMN, UMD, or USA Hockey if there was an opportunity. Still, it could be good while it lasts.
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And the winner is: Eric Rud

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Welcome back Eric.
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Hopefully he coaches like when he was an Assistant here, not like CC of late haha ;)
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