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by Rookie
12 Feb 2003, 21:25
Forum: Men's Hockey
Topic: SCSU vs CC
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I think the reason there seems to be so little energy is that the fans know how good CC is, so no one's talkin' smack. The week off has also given us time to calm down about losing a game in Houghton. Make no mistake, though, the Bomb Shelter will be jam-packed both nights with a crowd hoping the Hu...
by Rookie
21 Jan 2003, 02:26
Forum: Men's Hockey
Topic: Doyle is a man possessed!
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Doyle is a man possessed!

All I know is that Doyle looks like he's high when he's on the ice. He's falling down all over the place. You sneeze within 20ft of the guy and he drops like a pencil-neck. He's tall, but he's too gangly. He needs to add some muscle. Eat more Scooby Snacks or something.